Weapons are not allowed within the University of Portland community. The following actions are prohibited for students:

     Possession or use of firearms, explosives, fireworks, or chemical agents such as Oleoresin Capsicum or Mace.

     Possession or use of a TASER, baton, or similar device.

     Possession or use of a pocket knife or non-cooking utensil with a total blade length of 2.75 inches or greater.

     Possession of instruments or game equipment that look like or can be confused with a firearm or dangerous weapon (e.g., paintball guns, air-soft guns, archery sets, BB guns, pellet guns).

     Use of any object to threaten the safety of another individual or self, or to cause injury or harm to another individual or self.

Note: The weapons policy does not apply to those involved in sanctioned ROTC training or weapons worn as issued equipment by Campus Safety personnel. However, a weapons permit or other government-issued license does not exempt individuals from the prohibitions described above.