Religious Groups

As a Catholic and Holy Cross university, the priests and brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross take full responsibility for the pastoral care of all students at the University of Portland, both Catholic and non-Catholic. These efforts are directed by and coordinated through the Office of Campus Ministry. Rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition, Campus Ministry’s mission is to respect and nurture the faith development of Catholics, other Christians, and all who seek God with a sincere heart. Campus Ministry offers a variety of opportunities for worship, prayer, and faith formation, intended to meet the needs of all members of the University community.

In an effort to fulfill its mission, Campus Ministry may approve some other religious organization, Catholic or non-Catholic, to become involved in direct pastoral ministry to, the evangelization of, or the catechesis of students, either by a presence on campus or by using University structures, facilities, or services. Authorization for such organizations to serve comes from Campus Ministry and is dependent upon a group’s ability to minister beyond Campus Ministry’s capacity, and in a way that complements the work of Campus Ministry. Once approved, an organization’s University-related activities will be supervised and supported by Campus Ministry. Organizations must be respectful of the University’s Catholic character and respectful of other religious traditions on campus. Any group who fails to show such respect will not be approved for ministry on campus, or will have its approval rescinded.