Illegal Drugs, Controlled Substances, and Misuse of Prescribed Medication

University of Portland prohibits the possession or use of illegal drugs, the possession or use of controlled substances (including cannabis/marijuana or other cannabis derived products), or the intentional misuse of prescribed medication. The possession, use, sale, distribution, or manufacture of controlled substances, synthetic substances designed to intoxicate, or other drugs illegal under federal, state, or local law is strictly prohibited.

Students who have been prescribed cannabis or THC products are not exempt from this policy and are encouraged to work directly with the University Health and Counseling Center to find alternative treatments. The unauthorized possession, use, theft, distribution, or sharing of prescribed medication is prohibited. Students are prohibited from displaying or possessing drug paraphernalia. Any violation of this policy may result in serious consequences under the University student conduct process, including but not limited to suspension or dismissal.

Regardless of its status in the State of Oregon, or whether or not an individual possesses a prescription for medical use, the possession or use of marijuana/cannabis, and THC containing substances is prohibited for students both on or off University property and for the duration of their enrollment.

The University of Portland, through the Health and Counseling Center, can connect students to resources related to drug abuse and addiction.