French Studies, B.A.

The French program is designed to offer its majors the opportunity to achieve proficiency in writing, speaking, reading, and orally comprehending the French language, while at the same time broadening and deepening their knowledge, understanding, respect, and appreciation of the cultures of France and the francophone world. The program offers courses which prepare the student culturally and linguistically to communicate effectively and interact appropriately with persons from French speaking countries.

Since the goal of the French studies major is to focus on the acquisition of language proficiency and to incorporate contributions from more than one field of study, it prepares students for careers in international law, teaching, government services, foreign missions, translating, and for positions in business that require a knowledge of the French language and culture.

The French major has two tracks, a French track and a French studies track. Students pursuing the French track of the major must complete 27 upper-division credit hours of French courses.

Students pursuing the French studies track must complete 18 upper-division credit hours of French and 9 upper-division credit hours from at least two of the following disciplines: philosophy, history, or political science and global affairs.

Both tracks of the French major require at least six weeks of study in France. Should a student be unable to study abroad, the department chair, in consultation with the French faculty, may approve a substitute language immersion experience, such as a local internship, if available. Options for study abroad include IES French immersion programs in Paris, Nantes and Arles.

Students graduating from the University of Portland with a major in French or French studies are required to take the computerized STAMP 4S language proficiency assessment for graduation. Majors will be contacted to take the exam during the spring semester in two separate sessions. The testing of the students’ four language skills will give the students national certification of their actual skill levels; such certification should provide students and employers with an accurate comparative indicator of a student’s competency in the language.

See statement on learning outcomes for language majors for further details on the Avant STAMP 4S.

University Core Curriculum Requirements — 40 credit hours

All University of Portland students progress through a set of shared course options as part of the University’s liberal arts Core Curriculum. This curriculum offers a foundation of multiple lenses to address enduring questions of human concern, integrating the liberal arts, the University mission, and the knowledge, skills, and values needed in a diverse society and in the workplace.

See Core Curriculum Requirements

FRN 3XX and the STAMP test are the designated Writing in the Discipline courses for the B.A. in French Studies.

College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Requirements — 24-33 credit hours

See College Requirements, B.A.

Major Requirements — 27 credit hours

Includes 6 credit hours study abroad.

French Track

27 upper-division credit hours in French (FRN 301 and above)

French Studies Track

18 upper-division credit hours in French (FRN 301 and above).

Students must also take three courses (9 credit hours) outside the French program from at least two different disciplines, selected from the following:

HST 333Medieval Europe


HST 334The Age of the Crusades


HST 335Europe in the Age of Religious Wars


HST 342Europe in the Age of Nationalism


HST 347Modern France


HST 364World War I


HST 365History of the Second World War


HST 374The Great global Rivalry: Britain vs. France 1688-1815


PHL 314Metaphysics: Philosophy and Feminism


PHL 479Existentialism


POL 372Politics of the EU and Contemporary Europe


POL 376Politics of Africa



Students may also take courses containing significant content relating to French-speaking countries offered on a one-time basis or subsequently added to permanent course offerings. Students must seek the approval of the French studies advisor before counting such courses toward the French studies major.

Any additional credit hours required to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours

Total Credit Hours: 120