Care Team Program

Ali Dunham, L.C.S.W., co-chair, Care Team Lead

Brenda Greiner, M.A., co-chair

Ian Robins, M.A., co-chair, Residence Life Lead

The Care Team Program supports undergraduate and graduate students manifesting academic struggles and acute medical or mental health issues. The Care Team Program is accessed primarily by faculty and staff, but also by students and parents. While most students at the University experience success in their academic and social experiences, the University is committed to helping all students holistically reach their potential. When students are referred to the Care Team Program, Care Team personnel will contact the student and other University professionals who assist students with the reported concern. The Care Team Program ensures good communication with the students and their professors. Assistance includes inviting students to be engaged in the process of finding the support and resources that will benefit their academic success and personal health. The main function of the Care Team Program is to refer students to one of many support personnel on campus, such as Campus Ministry, counseling, medical, Shepard Academic Resource Center, academic centers, in order to activate the appropriate support. To report a Care Team concern, please visit the Care Team webpage.