RELI - Religious Studies

RELI 501 Studies in Old and New Testament

An introduction to the scholarly issues concerning the theological interpretation and pastoral application of the Old and New Testament.


RELI 502 Studies in Theology

A survey of methods, issues, and patterns of questioning that are typical of theological inquiry. Included are introductions to theological ethics, systematic theology, sacramental theology, and spirituality.


RELI 514 Theological Exploration of the Gospels

An exploration of who Jesus was, how his message was received and developed by the early Church and how that message continues to be relevant for the Church today.


RELI 520 Theological Ethics

A critical and practical (applied) examination of natural law, human freedom, conscience, authority, moral and rational capacity and social justice from a Catholic theological perspective.


RELI 538 Sacramental and Liturgical Theology

An exploration of the Church's theological heritage in the areas of sacramental and liturgical theology. Includes writings, methods, and issues in both fields as well as an investigation of how these fields relate to Canon Law.


RELI 541 Theology of Ministry

A theological foundation for ministry in the Church including historical roots and contemporary experience. Attention will be given to both the theory and practice of ministry. Assignments in theological reflection will provide the method of inquiry and the direction for collaborative pastoral response.


RELI 542 Pastoral Care

A study of theological models, methodology, and practice crucial to basic pastoral care in a ministerial setting.


RELI 546 Faith Formation

An investigation of the philosophical and theological foundations of faith formation including Christian religious education, the RCIA process, and relevant topics of Canon Law.


RELI 548 Christian Spirituality

A contemporary exploration of human relationships, the self, community, the world, and God through the lens of Christian spirituality.


RELI 552 Christology

An introduction to systematic reflection on the mystery of Jesus the Christ. The course is divided into three parts: Biblical Christology, Classical (Patristic, Doctrinal, and Medieval) Christology, and Contemporary Christology.


RELI 555 Contemporary Ecclesiology

An exploration of contemporary trends and practices in the post-Vatican II Church. Will access several critical issues in the light of Church teaching, conciliar documents, directions, and contemporary cultural realities.


RELI 560 Church History

An examination of the Church's development from an obscure Jewish sect through its renewal and engagement with the modern world. Includes an emphasis on the Second Vatican Council, its documents, and its implementations.


RELI 570 Practicum/Internship

A field-based experience to develop and demonstrate competence in ministry.



Permission of instructor.

RELI 590 Directed Study

Credit arranged.