ILC - International Languages and Cultures

ILC 181 Maximizing Study Abroad

Maximizing Study Abroad helps students approach and enrich the study and/or sojourning abroad experience from the perspectives of intercultural communication, cultural adjustment, and practical language-learning strategies prior to departing for their target cultures. Participants are applicants to UP Study Abroad programs and UP students sojourning abroad. This course counts toward meeting requirements of the Sojourner Scholars Program.


ILC 496 Immersion School Practicum

Course provides students an opportunity to improve their target language learning and use by assisting teachers in language immersion programs in Portland-area schools at pre-K and elementary levels. Work includes interacting with children in target language of study, supporting teachers with transitions, and potentially leading small or whole-class groups. In on-campus classes, students learn about language-learning strategies.


ILC 497 Tutor Training Internship

Language tutor internships are available for qualified students (3.0 GPA; 3.25 GPA in the target ILC language, or by permission of instructor). Internships provide job experience pertinent to the study of the target ILC language and may lead to ITTPC Level 1 tutor certification. The language tutor internship may be taken for one credit hour. Students may receive an IP (In Progress) grade until the completion of their internship.