Innovation Minor

The Innovation Minor provides a formal structure to introduce and develop a mindset that includes critical thinking, team skills, application of knowledge and theory, self-directed learning, and the ability to address real-world problems through collaboration, brainstorming, and hands-on prototyping.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the mindset, skillset, and toolsets associated with design, creativity, and innovation in the context of their academic and professional interest.
  • Develop techniques for building empathy and the ability to design for human interaction including user observation and participant interview techniques.
  • Gain simple sketching and prototyping skills for visualizing and communicating ideas in 2D and 3D forms.
  • Learn and demonstrate creative problem-solving within cross-disciplinary, team-based environments.
  • Expand their abilities and build expertise in persuasive communication through storytelling, presentation, and other communication techniques.
  • Demonstrate ability to integrate, communicate, and collaborate successfully on project-based work for a local business and/or organization.

Minor Prerequisites

INV 200Introduction to Design and Innovation


Minor Requirements

INV 300Empathy, Observational Research and Human-Centered Design


INV 350Sketching & Prototyping


INV 400Making: Collaborative Innovation Practicum


Elective from inside or outside Major chosen from program listings


Total Credit Hours:12

Electives from inside (or outside) the student’s major are chosen in consultation with Director and/or program counselors.