Computer Science Minor

A minor in computer science is available for those students who may want to add this option to their major program of study. In the 21st century, computer science knowledge can help individuals succeed in nearly any profession. The Computer Science minor prepares students for careers in which an understanding of computing is important.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Program in different languages.
  • Design, develop, and test software as part of a team.
  • Examine a program’s efficiency.
  • Design abstractions to organize data and programs.
  • Use computing tools such as development environments, compilers, debuggers, and Unix.

Degree Requirements

Minor Prerequisites

CS 203Introduction to Computer Science


CS 273Computer Science Laboratory


Total Credit Hours:4

Minor Requirements

CS 301Object-Oriented Design


CS 305Data Structures


CS 371Object-Oriented Design Laboratory


CS 376UNIX Tools Laboratory


Upper division computer science courses


Total Credit Hours:14