ENV 400 Integrating Seminar in Environmental Studies

A project-oriented seminar in which student teams with varying backgrounds in environmental studies develop action plans to deal with regional environmental issues.


ENV 408 Innovation for Sustainability

Leaders in sustainability must be able to understand rapid changes in environmental and social conditions, innovate to adapt to those changes, collaborate to envision transitions to sustainable futures, and engage with others to realize those visions. To build these capacities, this course develops systems thinking skills using readings and case studies drawn from environmental, social, and business contexts.



ENV 182 or CE 367 or permission of instructor

Cross Listed Courses

BUS 408, EGR 408

ENV 482 Theology in Ecological Perspective

This course investigates the relationship between theology and science, the science of ecology and the related field of environmental science, the major aspects of our current environmental crisis, underlying historical and social reasons for this crisis, and current attempts to reformulate Christian theology from the perspective of ecology. The course also explores possible solutions for a sustainable future.


Cross Listed Courses

THEP 482

ENV 493 Environmental Research

Faculty-directed student research. Before enrolling, a student must consult with an environmental studies faculty member to define the project.


ENV 497 Environmental Internship

Practical field experience working with governmental agencies, corporations, or environmental organizations. Students will be required to do appropriate readings and an appropriate report. Students may receive an IP (In Progress) grade until the completion of their internship.