Communication, B.A.

The bachelor of arts in communication offers a liberal arts degree program focused on understanding communication as a central constitutive feature of human society. This degree guides students' conceptual and pragmatic learning about how interpersonal, organizational, cultural, and mediated messages and encounters shape people's personal, group, and societal attitudes, values, beliefs, and actions.

While developing several core communication competencies, each student in this degree program also works with their advisor to obtain the cadre of upper-division coursework that will advance their knowledge and ability in areas that suit the student's particular communication learning goals. Although this academic major does not distinguish a priori "tracks" within the degree program, UP CST students commonly have shaped Communication B.A. coursework to develop their pragmatic and conceptual expertise in areas such as leadership, media studies, journalism, organizational communication, and intercultural communication, among a wide range of unique possibilities.

This degree program prepares students for a wide range of professional work and for graduate study in communication and related fields. Communication students are actively guided to explore the professional training available to them through a host of community-based academic internships.

University Requirements - 39 hours

See Core Curriculum

One core social science requirement is satisfied by CST 225 in the major.

College Requirements - 21-33 hours

See College Requirements BA

Degree Requirements

Communication Requirements — 42 hours

CST 101Introduction to Communication Studies


CST 107Effective Public Speaking


CST 225Fundamentals of Interpersonal Communication


CST 301Media and Society


Research methods courses - 6 hours:

Choose two of the following three courses:
CST 300Communication Research


CST 320Rhetorical Theory and Criticism


CST 330Qualitative Communication Research


Eight upper-division CST courses - 24 hours

Students select eight 3-credit upper-division CST courses in consultation with their academic advisors. At least three of these courses must be 400-level.

General Electives - 6-18 hours

Total Credit Hours: 120