The following policies are available on the information services website at www.up.edu/is or the policies page at www.up.edu/policies:

  • Acceptable Use: reflects the ethical principles of the University community and indicates, in general, the privileges, responsibilities, and limitations of those using University computing resources.
  • Backup: articulates information technology best practices which call for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly system backups.
  • Data standards: records University data standards so as to ensure data integrity, consistency, and completeness.
  • Electronic letterhead: provides guidance for standardized University electronic letterhead as well as the template itself.
  • E-mail: standardizes naming of e-mail accounts and file storage associated with these accounts.
  • Information security: articulates the University’s position involving the principles to which students, faculty, staff, and the University community must adhere when handling information owned by or entrusted to the University of Portland.
  • Mass e-mail: articulates the University’s position involving mass e-mail (sometimes called “bulk e-mail”) to distribute official and commercial messages to members of the University community.
  • Password: establishes a standard for the creation of strong passwords.
  • Peer-to-peer: articulates the University’s position involving any peer-to-peer application that promotes copyright infringement or the illegal sharing of copyrighted files without permission of the owner or distributor.