Trips and Transportation

A University trip is defined as any travel to and from the University sponsored by a department, faculty, staff, or student organization for which the University provides planning, financial assistance, and/or general guidance for the purpose of fulfilling an aspect of the University’s mission for business or education. The Office of Student Activities classifies trips into four categories: local travel, day trips, extended trips, and international travel.

  • Local travel is defined as travel within the Portland Metro area that does not involve an overnight stay.
  • A day trip is defined as travel outside the Portland Metro area that does not involve an overnight stay.
  • An extended trip is defined as travel outside of the Portland Metro area that involves one or more nights away from the University.
  • For international travel involving students, organizers should consult the international travel protocols from the General Counsel’s office.

Students, faculty, and staff who intend to drive any vehicle—University, rental, or personal—for University activities or business must contact the Public Safety Department in advance to obtain the relevant policy information and must comply with all safety and registration guidelines. Additionally, students should review the University Vehicle and Transportation Policy for Students

Any student club or organization in good standing wishing to conduct or sponsor a trip must obtain prior approval from their faculty or staff advisor and submit a request to the Director of Student Activities or his/her designee. Student trips should be planned so as not to interfere with academic classes. If the trip does interfere with classes, organizers are responsible to make a request to the Office of the Provost for an excused absence.

In order to seek approval for day trips or extended trips, the sponsoring organization must provide to the Office of Student Activities in writing the following information:

  • Name of sponsoring club or organization
  • Name and contact information of trip leader(s)
  • A complete list of participants
  • A general itinerary including departure and arrival dates and times for each destination
  • The proposed transportation plan, including modes of transportation and names of drivers (if travel involves driving)

A student representative from the sponsoring organization must accompany the trip. The Office of Student Activities may require a University chaperone on certain trips, particularly on overnight trips. In these cases, the sponsoring organization is responsible for recruiting a full-time faculty or administrative staff member to serve as the University representative.

Once approved, a signed waiver form detailing the potential risks of participation will be collected from each participant before departure. Waivers are available from the Student Activities Office and must be obtained in advance.

Any groups conducting or sponsoring trips through other departments or programs must meet these requirements and any additional requirements of that department or program.