Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Misconduct, and Violence Policies

The University of Portland is committed to fostering a community that is safe and respectful for all community members. All students of the University are called to honor and respect the inherent value and dignity of others. Consistent with our values, sexual and gender-based harassment, misconduct, and violence are prohibited in our community. These types of prohibited conduct include: sexual harassment, including cyber harassment; sexual misconduct; sexual assault; dating, relationship, and domestic violence; stalking, including cyberstalking; negative conduct that attempts to prevent reporting of conduct prohibited by this policy or prevent participation in University processes related to this policy; and retaliation.


The University reserves the right to take action when it determines that a student has not met the University’s standards in this area. Such conduct may result in discipline, up to and including dismissal from the University.
Prohibited Conduct:

The following areas of conduct are prohibited at the University:

  1. Sexual harassment, including, without limitation, cyber harassment;
  2. Sexual misconduct;
  3. Sexual assault;
  4. Dating, relationship, and domestic violence;
  5. Stalking, including, without limitation, cyberstalking;
  6. Negative conduct (such as intimidation, retaliation, threats, harassment, or bribes) that attempts to prevent the reporting of conduct prohibited under this policy or that attempts to prevent participation in an investigation, conduct process, or other University process related to this policy; and
  7. Retaliation.

Additional definitions and clarifications related to this policy, as well as information about available support and resources, how to report and what happens after a report is made, and additional relevant information can be found in the Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Misconduct, and Violence Resource Guide