Prerequisites: THE 105 (THE 101 for transfer students only) and THE 205.

Required: 15 upper-division credit hours, five courses in Theology beyond THE 105 and THE 205, selected in consultation with the department advisor. These courses can come from any of theology’s six sub-disciplines, with no more than 6 credit hours from any one sub-discipline of theology. Thus, students may enroll in courses in biblical studies, historical theology, systematics, theological ethics, sacramental theology, and spirituality, but may not take more than two courses in any one of these sub-disciplines. At least 9 of these 15 credit hours must be at the 400-level. Students may take two 300-level THE courses or one 300-level THE course and one THEP course. All other courses must be taken at the 400 level. Courses taken at the 300 level may not be retaken at the 400 level or vice versa.