Performing and Fine Arts

David De Lyser, D.A., chair

Faculty: Cross, De Lyser, Ghyselinck, Golla, Hanig, Hanson, Larsen, M. Logan, McDaniel, Murphy, Norton, Pulver 

In the Department of Performing and Fine Arts, we teach communication, interpretation, inquiry and self-expression to a broad spectrum of students through the lens of the arts.  We welcome those who wish to develop an appreciation for the arts as culturally literate members of our society, as well as career-driven artists seeking mentors in pursuit of excellence. Our major programs in Music and Theater, in conjunction with our minor program in Fine Arts and our many enrichment offerings including Dance and Studio Art courses, are integral to the University's commitment to the Humanities. We support the University of Portland's acknowledgment of the arts as an important part of its mission through our concerts, productions, organizations and partnerships both within the University and in the Portland community, as well as through our Introduction to the Fine Arts course, which is part of UP's Core Curriculum. All productions, organizations and courses within the PFA department value diversity and welcome the participation of the entire student body.

Within the Department of Performing and Fine Arts, majors and minors are offered in theater and music. . The University of Portland is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST) and the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). Although the degree programs are separate, there is considerable flexibility between them, allowing the possibility for students in one degree program to take courses in the other. There is a minor program in Fine Arts and elective offerings in dance.