General Studies, B.A., B.S.

Lawrence Larsen, M.F.A., director
Though most students will develop a depth of knowledge in their upper-division work through concentrated study in a single area, some students will find a multidisciplinary program of study better serves their educational goals. The General Studies program is designed for students whose educational and professional outlook is multidisciplinary in nature. Because the decision to follow such a program of study requires a certain level of educational maturity, first-year students may not declare this major. This major may be declared only with the permission of the Associate Dean for Students. 

Learning Outcomes for General Studies Majors

Graduates in General Studies from the University of Portland will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate proficiency in two or more disciplines in the College of Arts and Sciences.
    1. Demonstrate significant content knowledge of the chosen disciplines.
    2. Demonstrate a good understanding of the methodologies of the chosen disciplines.
  2. Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in written and other forms customary in the chosen disciplines. 
    1. Produce clear and persuasive written work adapted towards specific audiences.
    2. Demonstrate the capacity to effectively use the standard communication media of the chosen disciplines.

University Core Curriculum Requirements — 40 credit hours

All University of Portland students progress through a set of shared course options as part of the University’s liberal arts Core Curriculum. This curriculum offers a foundation of multiple lenses to address enduring questions of human concern, integrating the liberal arts, the University mission, and the knowledge, skills, and values needed in a diverse society and in the workplace.

See Core Curriculum Requirements

College of Arts and Sciences B.A. Requirements — 24-33 credit hours

See College Requirements, B.A.

College of Arts and Sciences B.S. Requirements — 6 credit hours

See College Requirements, B.S.

Major Requirements — 24 credit hours

24 upper-division credit hours from two different disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Any additional credit hours required to complete a minimum of 120 credit hours