Sociology, B.A.

University Requirements - 39 hours

See Core Curriculum

One core social science requirement is satisfied by SOC 101 in the major.

College Requirements - 21-33 hours

See College Requirements BA

Degree Requirements

Sociology Major Requirements — 36 hours

SOC 101Introduction to Sociology


SOC 214/PSY 214/SW 214Research Methods: Design


SOC 215/PSY 215Research Methods: Analysis


SOC 336Race and Racism in the United States


SOC 380Sociological Theory


SOC 498Senior Project


Students may substitute SOC 499 (Thesis) for SOC 498, Senior Project Seminar. Psychology-Sociology double majors may complete a combined thesis with joint supervision in place of SOC 498.

18 credits - Upper-division hours of sociology electives

At least 6 of the 18 upper-division elective hours must be taken from SOC 430-439, or 491-492. A maximum of 6 non-classroom hours (e.g., internships or independent study) may be applied toward the completion of the major.

General Electives — 18-30 hours

Total Credit Hours: 120