Criminology Track of Sociology Major

The criminology track of the sociology major encourages a critical exploration of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system. The program is particularly appropriate for students interested in research or public policy issues related to crime and criminal justice. The track is also suitable for students who may seek employment opportunities in law enforcement, criminal law, the corrections system, and other government and nonprofit agencies that provide services or resources for offenders and their families.

Degree Requirements

Criminology Track Requirements — 33 hours

SOC 214/PSY 214/SW 214Research Methods: Design


SOC 215/PSY 215Research Methods: Analysis


SOC 305Sociology of Crime and Justice


SOC 336Race and Ethnic Relations


SOC 360Criminology


SOC 380Sociological Theory


SOC 498Senior Project


Note: Students in the criminology track must complete PSY 101 and SOC 101 to satisfy their 6-credit hour University Core requirements in social science. Students may substitute SOC 499 (Thesis) for SOC 498, Senior Project Seminar. Psychology-Sociology double majors may complete a combined thesis with joint supervision in place of SOC 498. Students are strongly encouraged to complete a criminology internship (SOC 446) during the senior year.

12 credits - Additional upper-division hours in sociology (or relevant out-of-department courses)

Students in the criminology track may take any two of the following out-of-department courses in partial fulfillment of the 12 additional upper-division sociology credit requirement:


POL 346: Criminal Law and Procedure
PSY 380: Abnormal Psychology
PSY 470: Psychology of Aggression
PSY 391: Forensic Psychology

At least 6 hours must be taken from SOC 430-439, or 491-492.

General Electives — 9-21 hours

Total Credit Hours: 120