Master of Engineering

The Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering offers a graduate program leading to a master of engineering degree. Students in this program can take courses in engineering and up to nine credits in an area related to their concentration. This program capitalizes on the strengths of the Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering and caters to the individual needs of the graduate student. Courses in engineering are selected from civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as computer science.

Student Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Apply advanced knowledge of mathematics, science, computing, and engineering to solve technical and real‐world problems.
  • Develop a project plan, scope, and timeline for solving open‐ended problems.
  • Demonstrate advanced understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  • Effectively communicate complex concepts to a multi‐discipline audience.
  • Understand and apply concepts related to a selected technical concentration area.

Admission Requirements

Applications are encouraged from those who want to get an advanced engineering degree in a concentration area, allowing them to progress in their chosen profession. These may include recent graduates and practicing professionals with degrees in engineering or other fields related to their selected engineering concentration.


  • a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, mathematics, or a physical science, OR
  • completion of the following courses or their equivalents: Calculus I and II, Ordinary Differential Equations, General Physics & Laboratory I and II;
  • additional undergraduate engineering courses may be required depending upon the chosen concentration.
  1. Statement of Goals.
  2. Current resume.
  3. Two recommendation forms and letters.
  4. Official transcripts from all previously attended academic institutions.
  5. A bachelor's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university recognized by the University of Portland.
  6. International Applicants: All foreign transcripts will be evaluated by International Student Services prior to an admission decision.
  7. Official GRE score (waived for University of Portland students applying with GPA 3.0 or greater.)
  8. International Applicants: An official score from either the TOEFL (minimum score of 80) or IELTS (minimum score of 7.0) exam is required.
  9. International Applicants: Proof of financial support will be required to attend the University of Portland, but is not required for application review.

Graduation Requirements

  • Thirty semester hours of graduate coursework are required. Any undergraduate courses taken to make up deficiencies do not count towards the 30 hours.
  • A common foundation of nine semester hours chosen from EGR 555, EGR 564, EGR 551, EGR 593, BUS 543.
  • Up to nine semester hours of graduate coursework may be taken outside of Engineering relevant to the student's chosen concentration and career interests. This includes BUS 543.
  • All courses (foundation courses, courses outside of Engineering, concentration area courses) must be approved by the Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Faculty Support.
  • A thesis is not required, however an optional thesis or project may be used as part of the major requirements. A combined maximum of six semester hours of graduate coursework is allowed for thesis and/or projects.